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Dual Angle Layouts & Drillings

At Infinite Vision we layout and drill according to the Dual Angle method.  As such, we evaluate the following aspects of your release (fingertip drillings only).  We customize your drillings to match your; Release Speed, Rev. Rate, Axis Rotation, Axis Tilt, and PAP coordinates.  (See Dual Angle documents for details.)

Video-Based Release Analysis

This service is for bowlers who wish to have an official record of their release analysis.  Receive an official copy and explanation of your bowling release and bowler style.  This report can be used for all Dual Angle drillings, equipment (ball) selections, and coaching sessions.

Interchangeable Thumbs

Perhaps the most important aspect of a great ball fit involves the placement and workmanship of the thumbhole.  Today's interchangeable thumb technologies ensure EXACT feel for all balls within your arsenal!  We specialize in Turbo & Vise versions.

Complete Surface Restoration

Infinite Vision utilizes PROVEN processes and equipment to restore your ball's coverstock to it's original condition & performance.  Guaranteed to return your balls performance to it's original performance!

Revivor Oil Extraction

The Revivor is a forced air oven designed to remove all traces of lane-oil from the coverstock of your bowling ball.  This process is part 1 of a 2-step process proven to return your ball to it's original condition and performance.  Oil Extraction Details

Haus Resurfacing

As your ball rolls, the track (area of ball in contact with the lanes) is continually abraded by friction with the lanes.  Also, surface damage by lane equipment is an unavoidable part of the game.  Resurfacing removes all traces of such wear and returns your ball to it's original condition and performance.  This is part 2 of a 2-Step process proven to return your ball to it's original condition and performance.  Haus Resurfacing Details

Ebonite BowlersMap

BowlersMap is a video analysis coaching aid designed to evaluate a bowlers execution and technique.  We use this program to calculate a bowlers rev. rate; swing profile, release characteristics, ball to ankle laydown offset, etc....  BowlersMap Details

Ebonite Digi-Trax

Digi-Trax is a video analysis coaching aid designed to compare ball paths & evaluate your ability to repeat shots!  This program provides a great way to measure the influence of drillings, ball types, bowling styles, and any other variable that affects your game.    Digi-Trax Details

USBC Certified Coaching

All Infinite Vision staff and affiliates are certified USBC Certified Bowling Coaches!  If you are serious about improving your game feel free to contact us to see how we can help you reach your TRUE potential!  If you have the desire, we have the plan!

Complete Services List & Pricing

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